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Scalp Micropigmentation- SMP

An undetectable solution for general hairloss, alopecia, receeding hairlines & transplant scarring.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the worlds fastest growing hair loss solution with many suggesting that can offer more of a guaranteed solution that other avenues such as FUT and FUE hair transplants.

The reason for this is simply because there is next to no downtime with this treatment as the areas of trauma are so small that healing is very quick when compared to that of transplant scars.

This treatment also generally takes place over 2-3 sessions which allows the technician to ‘layer’ the treatment creating ultra-realistic results by contrasting impressions and tones to create an almost 3D effect. You also will not have to wait 6-12 months before you are able to see the effects of this treatment as the results are instantaneous.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the process in which tiny amounts of pigment are tattooed into the scalp to make individual impressions to replicate the look of individual hair follicles. This treatment minimises the contrast between the hair and the scalp offering the perfect camouflage for those who may be suffering from issues such as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) and Alopecia.

This treatment is also suitable for those with general thinning hair which may be a problem that may have arisen as a result of stress, chemotherapy or as a side effect of drugs/medications.

Our ability to treat those with no hair as well as general thinning is what allows our treatment to be adapted to both men and women as we can present a solution for those who would like to keep their hair.

This treatment is carried out in our clinic where you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible throughout this treatment. You will not be made to stay overnight or wait in our clinic several hours whilst we prepare parts of your treatment like you could expect from surgery.

We do request that after all the sessions of Scalp Micropigmentation have been completed, you do pop into us every 12-18 months as it is perfectly normal that around this time, you may require a single-session top-up treatment.

This treatment is highly cost effective when in comparison to the costs of surgery for FUE and FUT treatments which can become very costly when the cost is calculated by the amount of grafts that are required.

General Hairloss, Alopecia & Scarring

Hair Treatment

The Solution For Modern Men

If you’re losing your hair you’ve probably considered the alternatives, however hair transplant surgery, minoxidil lotions and DHT-blocking drugs simply don’t work for clients with little or no hair remaining. That leaves wearing a sweaty hair system, or choosing scalp micropigmentation, the modern and stylish treatment for men with moderate to advanced balding patterns.

Fast & Safe Treatment

The scalp micropigmentation process typically requires 2-3 treatment sessions, each lasting around 2 hours, spaced about a week apart. This is to allow the pigments to ‘settle’ after each session for optimal results. There is no downtime, very little discomfort and the results are instantaneous.

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Undetectable Results

When applied by a skilled practitioner, scalp micropigmentation is flawless and virtually undetectable. We have many clients who choose not to tell their friends and co-workers, simply because they don’t have to! When your treatment with Scalp Studio is complete, you’re ready to go. Just shave and moisturise your head every couple of days, and enjoy your low maintenance, more youthful appearance.


A consultation will be required to assess the extent of treatment required.

We will discuss your expectations to ensure you're happy & agree a treatment plan. This usually consists of 2-3 sessions, spaced a couple of weeks apart, each lasting 2hrs+ depending on the coverage required.

Pricing starts from £100 per 1hr session.

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Total Hair Loss?

The scalp micropigmentation process is the replication of real shaven hair follicles, using tiny pigment deposits in the scalp. Unlike hair transplants, concealers, lotions and pills, scalp micropigmentation requires no remaining hair or ‘donor’ hair to produce a great result. This innovative hair loss treatment for men works even for clients with no hair left at all.