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Studio News

It’s with a heavy heart, I announce the closure of my beautiful studio in Stone.

However! I’m not disappearing... I am making other exciting arrangements & I will be continuing with treatments in the meantime from ‘Hayley Aesthetics’ on Radford Street, just across the road from my studio, so not hard to find!!

As most of you know, I had only just opened my new studio a couple of months before the first lockdown. I’ve been closed for 8 months so far!

This past year has taken it’s toll on my business, but it’s not all due to the relentless lockdowns, I have some personal circumstances that have also impacted on my decision.

I am afraid that due to factors out of my control, my services will also need to reduce. This means I am no longer able to offer laser & body art tattooing.

I will purely be focusing on Permanent Makeup & non laser corrections.

It’s made me feel physically sick to have to throw nearly all my stock & collection of inks & pigments away this week, as they are all now unusable.

The financial implications of the past year have been considerable, but I will recover over time.

All deposits are safe. I’ll be in touch with anyone booked for a discontinued service to return any deposits paid.

Thank you to all my lovely clients for your support, I hope to see you all soon!

Kelly ✨

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