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Let’s Talk Aftercare...

Updated: Jan 27

So you’ve had your PMU treatment... now what? 👀

Aftercare is a very important part of your Permanent Makeup journey, so as part of your treatment you’ll receive aftercare

directions & care products.

Here’s some of the main points:

🌱 Let your treatment area settle for a few hours before cleansing with Microtonic or applying Microbalm.

🌱Do not pick, scratch or peel your healing Permanent Makeup- you may feel a mild itchiness during healing but disturbing it can cause pigment loss or infection.

🌱Avoid wearing makeup over or around the treatment area for 5-7 days, as a rule, if it’s fresh or still dry/flaky, no makeup!

🌱Avoid strenuous exercise, swimming, saunas, steam rooms, sunbeds/sunbathing for 2 weeks post treatment.

🌱Avoid moisturisers with glycolic acid or exfoliating over the area of your PMU as this can cause fading of colour.

🌱Colour boosts are required to keep your PMU looking it’s best, as it will gradually fade. This is recommended at around 12-24 months but individual timing may vary. If it’s left too long, it may have to be started over.

All clients are given in depth pre treatment & aftercare instructions, please follow them and so you get the best results! ✨

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