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COVID Studio Protocol

This post is to let you know what procedures I have implemented to help keep you all safe when visiting me for an appointment. It's worth noting, I have always taken my client's safety & infection control very seriously. I hope all my clients feel safe in my studio, but still enjoy a friendly & welcoming environment :)

A COVID disclaimer must be submitted 24hrs before your appointment, this will be sent to you a couple of days prior to your booking.

Once a booking is made, I'll be sending all clients new & existing, a virtual consultation form to fill in.

If you are unable to access this for whatever reason, let me know.

Arriving for your appointment

  • I kindly ask you to arrive at the exact time of your appointment. If you come too early or too late it may mean running behind or losing clean down time in between clients, Unfortunately if this does occur, there may be times that we would need to reschedule your appointment.

  • There will be a sign on the door asking to only enter the building if you have an appointment. When you arrive, the door will be locked- please press the buzzer and I will let you in.

  • We kindly ask our clients to come to their appointment alone with no other family members or children. This is to help us keep the number of people in the salon at any one time to a minimum.

Inside the studio

  • Please wear a face covering to you appointment.

  • I will offer you hand sanitiser & direct you to place your essential items into a storage box. Please do not bring shopping bags with you. You'll then be direct to the sink to thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds before drying with a paper towel.

  • I will unfortunately not be able to provide drinks. Please bring your own drink, and make sure you have eaten prior to your treatment.

  • Please do not arrive with chewing gum as this is a risk if it needs to be spat out into the bin.

  • All being well, I should be ready to take you straight to my treatment room, ready to start your treatment.

During Treatment

I will be wearing a mask or visor and gloves where possible to perform any treatment. Disposable aprons will be worn. Single use items will be used and all products safely sanitised following guidelines in between each client. These measures are in place to mitigate social distancing, which is impossible in close contact services.

After Treatment

  • Payment can be made & further bookings can be arranged via my online booking system

  • Aftercare instructions will be provided digitally where possible, via text or email. Please read them carefully!

  • A thorough clean down procedure will take place between clients and extra time will be allocated for this.

Sending a big virtual hug to you all!

I cannot wait to get back to work and see you all again... rest assured, we've got this!

I hope this has answered any questions you may have about returning for your treatment, I look forward to seeing you soon...

Kelly x

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