Enhance your natural beauty


Looking for something bold and beautiful or a subtle lift? Whether you want to simply enhance your natural beauty or capture a different side of yourself, I can make it happen. We’ll discuss your dream look and make it come to life. Enjoy the convenience & confidence of Permanent Makeup!


Looking for the natural microblading look? A realistic hairstroke tattooed eyebrow enhancement is perfect... or perhaps a bolder powdered or ombre effect? Ideal for those who have very little definition to their brow, over- pluckers, those with hair growth issues, and more...

Price includes a consultation, touch up appointment & numbing gel.

Eyebrow Treatments

Realistic Natural Hairstroke Brow:              £280

For the most natural, brow enhancement, more understated style.​ Hair-like effect, with natural gaps & flow.

Soft or Bold Powder Brow/ Ombre Brow:   £280

Still very natural when choosing a soft effect, but can be more defined & bold if desired! Looks more like a powdered or pencilled brow, with no gaps.

Hairstroke & Powder Combination Brow:      £300

Choose this for more of a 'statement brow' effect, or if you want add extra dimension to your tattooed brows. 

Brow Scars:                                 from  £80

Eyebrow Maintenance

Maintenance colour boost procedures are recommended annually.​

If brows are left to fade out completely, then the treatment may have to be started over again. 

Colour boosts-

Guide prices for colour boost procedures are based on the expected amount of fading.

You should allow 12 months between treatments to avoid long term skin damage and oversaturation of pigment.

Touch Up ( small areas):      from  £35

   1 to 2 Years:                                  £130

     Over 2 Years:                                 £180  

(longer than 2 Years may require second treatment which is chargeable)


Subtle lash enhancement or bolder smokey kohl liner, perhaps even a winged liner? Whatever your style, make it a smudge free, tattooed eyeliner for 'get up and go' convenience.

Price includes a consultation, touch-up appointment & numbing gel


Natural eye contour/ lashline enhancement - within lash line only

Upper Lashline:                          £150

Lower Lashline:                          £130

Upper & Lower:                         £260


Colour boost procedures are recommended every 2-3 years to keep your eyeliner looking fresh.

Colour boosts-

Upper Lashline:                     £80

Lower Lashline:                     £70

  Upper & Lower:                     £120

'Make Up' look - choice of colour, thickness and winged liner-

Upper liner:                               £250

Lower Liner:                              £150

Upper & Lower:                        £350


Colour boost procedures are recommended every 2-3 years to keep your eyeliner looking fresh.

Colour Boosts-

Upper Liner:                                 £120

Lower Liner:                                £80

Upper & Lower:                           £180



Consultations are recommended for all eyeliner clients, to check suitability for treatment. 

Lash serums MUST be discontinued a minimum of 4 weeks prior to treatment. 

Lash extensions must be fully removed and not reapplied, or lashes tinted for a minimum 2 weeks after your final touch up appointment.


A simple tattooed lip liner, volumising lip blush or full colour... This gently tattooed lip treatment can correct your shape, enhance colour or strengthen a faded lip contour. Gloss and go with confidence!

Includes a consultation, touch up appointment, numbing gel & aftercare 


Lip Contour / Soft Liner (lip edge):                   £250  

Lip Blush (soft natural tint / flush of colour):     £300

Full Lip Colour (stronger full colour)               £350


 Colour boosts are recommended every 2-3 years, to keep your lip treatment looking fresh!

 Colour Boost- 

Lip Contour Definition/ Soft Liner:              £120

Lip Contour or Soft Liner with Blush:          £150

Full Lip Colour:                                             £180

Beauty Spot:          £50

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