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Looking for something bold and beautiful or a subtle lift? Whether you want to simply enhance your natural beauty or capture a different side of yourself, I can make it happen. We’ll discuss your dream look and make it come to life. Enjoy the convenience & confidence of Permanent Makeup!

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Permanent Makeup Prices

Permanent Makeup procedures require 2 treatments before it can be considered complete. This is included in the pricing.

Your touch-up must be taken between 4- 6 weeks after the initial treatment, otherwise your treatment is considered unfinished and when re-booked, will be charged as a first treatment.

Colour Boosts are recommended every 12 -18 months, they are required to keep treatments looking fresh.


Prices are used as a guide, and are subject to change due to the personal nature of the service provided.

Corrections of pre existing work may need removal prior to a new treatment. 


Looking for the natural microblading look? A realistic hairstroke tattooed eyebrow enhancement is perfect... or perhaps a bolder powdered or ombre effect? Ideal for those who have very little definition to their brow, over- pluckers, those with hair growth issues, and more...

Price includes a consultation, touch up appointment & numbing gel.

Eyebrow Treatments

Realistic Natural Hairstroke Brow:              £255

For the most natural, brow enhancement, more understated style.​ Hair-like effect, with natural gaps & flow.

Soft or Bold Powder Brow/ Ombre Brow:   £255

Still very natural when choosing a soft effect, but can be more defined & bold if desired! Looks more like a powdered or pencilled brow, with no gaps.

Hairstroke/Powder Combination Brow:       £300

Choose this for more of a 'statement brow' effect, or if you want add extra dimension to your tattooed brows. 

Brow Scars:                                 from  £80

Extra Brow Re-touch:                           £35

Eyebrow Maintenance

Maintenance colour boost procedures are recommended annually.​

If brows are left to fade out completely, then the treatment may have to be started over again. 

Colour boosts-

Guide prices for colour boost procedures are based on the expected amount of fading.

 Up to 6 Months:                               £70

   7 to 17 Months:                              £110

     18 months+:                          from  £160 

(longer than 18 months may require second treatment which is chargeable)


Subtle lash enhancement or bolder smokey kohl liner, perhaps even a winged liner? Whatever your style, make it a smudge free, tattooed eyeliner for 'get up and go' convenience.

Price includes a consultation, touch-up appointment & numbing gel


Natural eye contour/ lashline enhancement - emphasises lash line

Upper liner:                            £150

Lower Liner:                            £130

Upper & Lower:                      £260


Colour boost procedures are recommended 12-24 months to keep your eyeliner looking fresh.

Colour boosts-

Upper:                   £80

Lower:                    £70

Upper & Lower:      £120

'Make Up' look - choice of colour, thickness and winged liner-

Upper liner:                               £200

Lower Liner:                              £150

Upper & Lower:                        £320


Colour boost procedures are recommended 12-24 months to keep your eyeliner looking fresh.

Colour Boosts-

Upper Liner:                                £100

Lower Liner:                                £80

Upper & Lower:                           £150



Consultations are recommended for all eyeliner clients, to check suitability for treatment. 

Lash serums MUST be discontinued a minimum of 4 weeks prior to treatment. 

Lash extensions must be fully removed and not reapplied, or lashes tinted for a minimum 2 weeks after your final touch up appointment.


A simple tattooed lip liner, volumising lip blush or full colour... This gently tattooed lip treatment can correct your shape, enhance colour or strengthen a faded lip contour. Gloss and go with confidence!

Includes a consultation, touch up appointment, numbing gel & aftercare 


Lip Contour Definition/ Soft Liner:        £250


Lip Contour or Soft Liner with Blush:    £300

Full Lip Colour:                                          £350


 Colour boosts are recommended every 12-24 months to keep your lip treatment looking fresh 

 Colour Boost- 

Lip Contour Definition/ Soft Liner:         £100

Lip Contour or Soft Liner with Blush:      £140

Full Lip Colour:                                         £180

Beauty Spot:          £50

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