Frequently Asked Questions...

How long do treatments take?

Permanent Makeup treatments can be anywhere between 1-3 hours, depending on the type & method. Time is also allocated to discuss treatments beforehand and aftercare post treatment. Annual colour boosts can usually completed within an hour, occasionally longer for lip treatments.

Laser treatments are usually completed fairly quickly, however a thorough consultation & patch test will need to completed before your first treatment so this appointment can take a little longer. 

Consultations for all treatments take around 20 minutes.

Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?

If you have been sent a text link to fill in a Consultation Form or Health Questionnaire, please make sure these have been filled in and submitted in good time. 

Make sure the areas of treatment are clean &  you are wearing suitable clothing for easy access.

Permanent Makeup Treatments & Consultations:

  • You can attend wearing light makeup for eyebrow or lip treatment. For eyeliner treatments, please do not wear any makeup & make sure your eyelids are well cleansed. Please be aware, I will need to remove your makeup to assess or work on the treatment area.

  • If you have a sore, scab, spot, bruising or injury of any kind in the treatment area, let me know immediately. I may need to reschedule your appointment as I am unable to work over them.

  • Eyeliners- You must not be using lash growth serum within 4 weeks of a treatment.

  • Lash extensions must be removed at least 2 days prior and not applied until 2 weeks after your course of treatment is finished.

  • No waxing around brows for 7 days before treatment & 14 days afterwards.


Wash scalp or hair and shave head (if required) on the morning of your treatment. 

Is there downtime or special care I need to know about?

After a Permanent Makeup treatment, your skin may swell a little around the treatment area and appear pink.

  • For eyebrows, it looks similar to when they have been waxed or threaded, and the skin returns to normal within a day or two. They will darken & dry, then flake over the course of 10 days. You must not go swimming, use saunas or sunbathe during this time. 

  • Lips will appear swollen for a couple of days, and then peel for 4 days or so. 

  • Eyelids will be puffy for a couple of days. No eye makeup or lash extensions including mascara can be worn for 10 days.

NEVER try to cover healing treatments with makeup! Follow your aftercare advice, once and flakiness has resolved, you may resume makeup and skin care. Sun protection is an important part of caring for your PMU treatment,  don't underestimate the fading power of the sun!

Scalp Pigmentation treatment may leave the area just a little red, but this usually resolves within a day.

  • Don't wash your hair or scalp for the first 3 days & avoid activities that will make you sweat.

  • After 4 days you may lightly shower, but not shampoo. You can also shave with clippers, though avoid disturbing healing areas as much as possible, and don't pick or lift off any scabs. Moisturise as necessary. Light exercise is ok.

  • After 7 days, you may resume washing & shaving as normal. Your usual exercise routine may be resumed. Apply SPF when you are out in the sun.

Laser removal can be sore and swollen for a few days after treatment. Redness & itching is common. Remember that laser causes a thermal reaction, and so is much like a burn.

  • Wear loose, clean non-fiberous clothing. 

  • Cooling the area with a sanitised ice pack can help, and healing gel such as Savlon Healing Gel can be applied. Blistering & scabbing is common, do not pick!

  • Clean regularly but don't soak or submerge the area.

  • Avoid dirty environments.

  •  Keep well out of the sun for 2 weeks minimum. 

Tattoos can be sore for a few days and then become itchy & dry during healing.

  • Wear loose, clean, non- fiberous clothing

  • Keep clean by washing regularly, but don't soak the area.

  • Healing can last from a week up to a month for very large tattoos.

  • No swimming or sunbathing for at least 2 weeks, always use a high SPF or they will fade

What does it feel like? Will you numb the area?

Permanent Makeup:

Often described as a little 'scratchy', some find the sensation relaxing or 'pain free', some find it a little sharp or mildly sore, but I will always do my best to ensure you are comfortable. Some pre numbing may be used if you are medically suitable.


Scalp Micropigmentation is not usually painful, and doesn't require pre numbing. I will sometimes use a small amount of anaesthetic during longer sessions, or to reduce redness.

Laser Removal:

There is no getting away from the fact that Laser Removal is a little painful. However, treatment is fast, and can be done in small manageable sections. 

The sensation is likened to 'the snap of an elastic band on the skin' or a 'scratch on sunburned skin'. 

You may choose to pre- numb the area, this is your own responsibility & must be applied an hour before your treatment. Be aware, when numbing begins to wear off, it can make the area feel more sensitive than if you hadn't used it. 


The sensation of a tattoo varies greatly due to placement, size & style of tattooing. Everyone feels pain differently. Most describe it as scratchy, or like the soreness of sunburn. Most people cope perfectly fine :)

Numbing isn't recommended, but may be applied if you choose, prior to treatment. This is your responsibility to choose & apply- it will need to have been applied an hour before your tattoo and covered with film. You may feel extra sensitivity when the numbing wears off, or pain in areas you haven't applied the cream to!

Carbon Laser Facials:

Unlike laser tattoo removal, this is a mild sensation & no numbing or downtime is required after treatment. 

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